Address and route

You can park at the designated parking decks at the main entrance (P1) and on weekdays in the parking garage (P2). Next to the main entrance are several parking spaces for disabled people.

Parking deck P1 is for patients who have an appointment at the clinic or in the Research and Treatment (OBC). Patients at the Day Centre and AMC patients admitted to a ward can use P2. Parking decks P3 to P6 are reserved for AMC employees.

For parking you pay the basic rate of €3 for the first three hours, thereafter € 0.50 per half hour. The POS terminals are at different outputs. Do not forget to bring your parking ticket from the car with you.

Patients treated for longer than three hours in the AMC resident will receive a discount on parking in the basic rate. You therefore turn to the bar in the outpatient clinic, the ward or the Day Centre.


You can park your motor for free in the parking zones at building block M and P1. Motors may be parked in car park P2, but a parking fee is mandatory. Parking of motors along the walls of the hospital or in the car park areas P3, P4, P5 and P6 is not allowed.