Klinische Informatiekunde (KIK)

The Academic Medical Center, in collaboration with the University of Amsterdam, offers three university programs in Medical Informatics; a bachelor program and a master program in Medical Informatics and the master program Health Informatics.

Full, associate and assistant professors of the Department Medical Informatics (KIK) are responsible for over half of the teaching and coordination activities within those programs and supervise students during their internships and bachelor/ master research thesis work.

Information about each Bachelor and Master module in Medical Informatics is provided to students via the Blackboard environment to which students need to log in. In addition to Blackboard, some information about the Bachelor Project and Master SRP Project (Scientific Research Project), which are coordinated by our department, is freely accessible to all.


Academisch Medisch Centrum
Afdeling Klinische Informatiekunde
Meibergdreef 15
1105 AZ Amsterdam

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