AMC Promovendivereniging

"You might have great colleagues, involved supervisors, patient friends and more, but Aprove will guide you through your PhD!"

Why? APROVE is a unique association for AMC PhD students (Amc PROmovendiVEreniging). Founded in 2006, APROVE strives to offer a professional and social network for PhD students at the AMC and its affiliated centers.

APROVE organizes a variety of activities throughout the year, where you can learn, develop yourself, have fun and meet fellow PhD students. Further, APROVE is involved in the training for PhD students, as a delegate of the APROVE board is member of the Graduate School board and participates in the evaluation of PhD courses.

We believe meeting other PhD students is important to expand your network outside your comfort zone. You can learn from other fellow PhD students, how they handled a certain problem, get tips & tricks during lectures or have a blast during a Friday after work drink.

APROVE membership is free! And you will receive our newsletters with up to date information about upcoming events. Also, please join us on Facebook and LinkedIn.

APROVE is supported by the Graduate School, which provides general information for PhD candidates, the doctorate and training and supervision.