AI&II Seminar: (Infectious Diseases) with keynote speaker Allen Steere

Datum: 19 september 2017 Datum van 16:00 Datum tot 18:00

Op 19 september organiseert het onderzoeksinstituut Amsterdam Infection & Immunity Institute (AI&II) het AI&II Seminar: (Infectious Diseases) with keynote speaker Allen Steere.

“On the origin of Lyme disease and persisting Lyme arthritis”

By Prof. dr. Allen C. Steere is a rheumatologist and director of Clinical Research, Rheumatology Unit, Massachusetts General Hospital.

In 1976, while a post-doctoral fellow at Yale, he and his colleagues described Lyme arthritis. During his faculty period at Yale and subsequently at Tufts, he detailed the clinical features of Lyme disease, identified the spirochetal etiology of the infection in human patients, developed serologic, culture and PCR tests for diagnosis, conducted antibiotic trials, and was principal investigator of the SmithKline Beecham Phase III Lyme disease vaccine trial. The Steere Laboratory at Massachusetts General Hospital does translational studies using samples from patients with Lyme arthritis or rheumatoid arthritis to delineate mechanisms involved in the pathogenesis of these diseases, to identify biomarkers of disease activity, and to develop diagnostic tests.

Other speakers

  • Infectious Diseases: Jeanine Ursinus: “Persisting complaints after Lyme borreliosis; preliminary data from the National LymeProspect study”;
  • Inflammatory Diseases: Daphne Peelen: Epstein-Barr virus association in systemic autoimmune diseases;
  • Cancer Immunology: Katja Jordanova : “Immune escape in HPV related cancers”.

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