Horizon 2020 SME granted to AMC spin-off Nico-Lab

27 mei 2016

As part of the highly successful MR CLEAN trial, the image analysis group of the Biomedical Engineering and Physics department at AMC, University of Amsterdam, developed a portfolio of automated computer vision tools. These tools enable quantitative analyses of radiological images taken from patients suspected of having ischemic stroke. The value of these tools has been recognized worldwide with requests to utilize them in a wide range of studies and research groups.

This success prompted the creation of spin-off company Nico-Lab (www.nico-lab.com) that will professionalize and commercialize the automated analysis tools for a broader audience. The commercial potential was acknowledged by the Horizon 2020 program for highly-innovative Small and Medium-sized Enterprises to support growth and expanding activities. This program is very competitive with fewer than 3% of the applications being awarded. Nico-lab is very proud to be considered for the further development of groundbreaking innovative products and services.