Career opportunities

Support of individual physicians
The medical informatician is capable of supporting individual physicians in the application of information technology for patients administration, diagnostics, and selection of proper treatment methods.

Hospital organization
The medical informatician may support a hospital in the development of systems for the storage, processing and reporting of the large quantities of information acquired annually by this organization.

Health care
Various authorities collect population-related medical data, which serve as a basis for establishing policies. In addition, other institutions, such as the Health Care and Pharmaceutical Industry Information Supply Foundation, also have a need for databases on specific medical problems. The medical informatician can contribute to the systematization of epidemiological data.

Medical education
The medical informatician can contribute to the development of Computer-Aided Instruction, such as simulation programs replacing laboratory animals in practicals and patients.

Medical research
The medical informatician is a specialist, who can support the medical researcher in the application of information technology, such as measuring and test instruments and the computer as a means of reporting results. The medical informatician should have a quick grasp of the researcher's problems and be capable giving advice regarding hardware and software.