The Medical Informaticians, specialists in Medical Informatics, have become indispensable for the medical profession. Cleverly applied information technology in a medical setting saves lives, reduces suffering, prevents disease, expedites scientific research, and saves money. Advanced information systems play an increasingly important role in hospitals. Our health-care system can no longer function without computers that process, combine and interpret medical data. Think, for instance, of intensive care surveillance, electronic management of X-rays, electronic medical files and appointment systems at the outpatient clinic. New uses for information systems are found every day. These systems are not developed by physicians alone; they work closely together with information specialists. In order to develop applications for medical purposes, knowledge of medicine and health care is required.

For this reason the Universiteit van Amsterdam decided to develop a bachelor and a master, called Medical Informatics (MI). Medical Informatics at the Academic Medical Centre - Universiteit van Amsterdam (AMC-UvA) is unique in the Netherlands. This study, evenly composed of medical subjects and informatics, provides a solid theoretical basis. MI students who have been trained at the AMC-UvA stand out because of their profound knowledge of the medical field, which they have come to know and analyse from inside. In their analyses, MI students make use of techniques and methods that are handed to them from the information theory. Their analytical and problem-solving ability is combined with their profound insight into the most important developments in the field of information technology. It is therefore not surprising that MI students from Amsterdam are able to find a job within three months after their graduation.

An International University
The AMC-UvA is an internationally oriented university. Students are trained in doing thorough research and are taught to have a discerning scholarly attitude. MI students can expand their vision and follow their scientific housemanship abroad. For this purpose, the AMC-UvA has a collaboration agreement with two universities in Germany and one university in Austria. Students who would like to widen their horizons even further can go across the ocean to Minneapolis or Salt Lake City. The AMC-UvA has recently established contact in these two cities with two universities that also provide a similar study in 'Medical (Health) Informatics'. Talented students in these four institutions receive intensive education from renowned scientists in international Masterclasses. In addition, there is an exchange of students and teachers.