Elective clerkships

The AMC-UvA highly values students who want to work independently and who are willing to take responsibility for their study themselves. Taking your own responsibility is stimulated throughout the entire course of education.

The intensive supervision provided by teachers during the internships gradually diminishes and halfway through the internships the student operates as if he or she is almost a physician him- or herself. It is the patient with a need for help who trusts that he or she will receive the best possible care, that his or her physician has up-to-date medical knowledge, disposes of the necessary motor skills and treats the patient with respect. The AMC-UvA is dedicated to training such physicians.

The more experienced students who are in their final year of study can take part in our so-called 'optional clerkships' in the 4th phase of the clerkship program. For the clerkships a good knowledge of the Dutch language is required. Moreover, the student must have completed clinical training of at least 8 months on senior level, of which 3 months of Internal Medicine.

It is also possible for exchange students to participate in clinical electives, such as gastro-enterology, cardiology, anesthesiology, radiology. These clinical electives are not part of the regular study program, but offer foreign students the possibility to get insight into clinical work at the Academic Medical Center. In several cases active knowledge of the Dutch language is not required.