Research electives

The AMC is also an internationally renowned scientific institution. As the first medical institution in the country, the medical faculty and academic hospital are integrated into one organisation. This integration stimulates the attuning of fundamental and clinical research. The AMC performs a lot of scientific research into the nature and origin of many different diseases, into detection and treatment methods, and into possibilities for prevention. Students are taught to have a critical scientific attitude. This is part of their academic education and links up with the shift towards so-called 'evidence-based medicine' that is currently taking place in patient care and means that the choice of treatment should be based primarily on scientifically proven efficacy and efficiency. Evaluation research is therefore stimulated in many different ways in the AMC and students are trained in the use of guidelines for clinical handling.

Research electives offer exchange students the possibility to participate and to be trained in research. It is not necessary for students to speak and understand the Dutch language. A good knowledge of the English language will be sufficient. The regular program is 16 weeks; a longer period is possible.