PhD candidate support (PhD Candidate Advisor)

Buddy project

Starting PhD candidates, especially those from other countries, may encounter difficulties such as adjusting to a foreign culture or becoming accustomed to working at the AMC. The AMC Graduate School aims to provide a structural solution for this group of PhD candidates.

To this end, the AMC Graduate School has initiated a Buddy project. Buddies are experienced AMC PhD candidates from a variety of departments who are enthusiastic and motivated to help other PhD candidates. These experienced PhD candidates are matched to their peers who are just starting out, and help them by sharing their experiences and knowledge about working at the AMC and living in Amsterdam. The AMC Graduate School also has a database of buddies from various countries.

The match between PhD candidate and buddy is made through the AMC Graduate School. New PhD candidates who apply to the project are matched with a buddy based on demographic characteristics such as gender, department or background. The buddy and the new PhD candidate make their own arrangements. For example, some buddies prefer lunch meetings whereas others prefer email contact. The desired frequency of contact is respected.

If you feel that you are in need of a buddy, if you would like to volunteer as a buddy, or if you would like to receive more information, then please contact the AMC Graduate School.

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