Clinical Epidemiology: Evaluation of Medical Tests

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By the end of this course, researchers are able to design studies to evaluate medical tests. These may be diagnostics, but also screening tests or predictive models. Participants will be able to choose the appropriate outcome measures, to design the appropriate study for these outcome measures and to indicate how to prevent biased results.

The course runs twice a year and consists of five session, one each morning of the week.

Scheduled dates:
expected January 29 thru February 2, 2018
expected July 9 thru 13, 2018

Phases in test evaluation; inter- and intra-observer agreement; diagnostic accuracy studies; sensitivity and specificity, likelihood ratios, predictive values; ROC plots; patient selection; sources of bias for the different designs; designing a predictive modelling study; prospective versus retrospective designs; link between testing and patient outcome; power and sample size calculations; hypothesis testing.

Target audience:
AMC PhD candidates who will be involved in a diagnostic study. Participants are assumed to be familiar with basic diagnostic accuracy and statistical concepts (sensitivity, specificity, predictive values).

The course is given in English.

To qualify for the certificate, the participant must attend all lectures and complete all assignments satisfactorily. Attendance is registered.

For PhD candidates who want to register as Epidemiologist B, a formal exam will be organized.

Study load:
26 hours, which is comparable to 0.9 ECTS points.

Number of participants:
Maximum 40 per course.

No charge for registered AMC PhD candidates. Employees of the AMC or AMC Medical Research BV can participate provided slots are available. All other participants are charged a fee of 625 euro.

Course coordinator:
Ms. M.M.G. Leeflang / Department of Clinical Epidemiology, Biostatistics and Bioinformatics (KEBB) / /tel. +31 (0)20 566 6945

More information:
From the course coordinator or AMC Graduate School / / room J1A-112 / tel. +31 (0)20 566 4618


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