The doctorate

Doctorate regulations

The AMC is part of the University of Amsterdam (UvA), which includes the Faculty of Medicine. The AMC confers almost all the PhDs at this Faculty. All PhD candidates are subject to the UvA Doctorate Regulations (Algemeen Promotiereglement) issued by the UvA Doctorate Board (College voor Promoties). PhD candidates are urged to consult these Regulations before beginning their project. The regulations are available on the University of Amsterdam website.

In addition to the UvA Doctorate Regulations, the AMC has formulated specific provisions that apply to PhD projects at this institute. They concern the start of the PhD project, the requirements for the PhD thesis and procedural arrangements at the end of the PhD project. The AMC Specific Provisions are available in English and in Dutch.

The Dutch Federation of University Medical Centres (NFU) has issued joint guidelines for biomedical PhD tracks regarding the PhD thesis, the PhD project and the education of PhD candidates.

At the AMC/UvA, PhD candidates may have up to two supervisors and up to two co-supervisors (promotor/ copromotor in Dutch). At least two supervisors is mandatory.


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