Duties of the PhD supervisor

Qualifications and procedure
According to Dutch law, a PhD supervisor (promotor) must be a full professor at a Dutch University. If the PhD supervisor is a professor at a university abroad, another Dutch university full professor must also be appointed as PhD supervisor. A professor receives the right to act as a PhD supervisor – “ius promovendi” – by appointment. The willingness to act in that capacity suffices to become a PhD supervisor for a specific PhD candidate. The Dean must approve this nomination.

The PhD supervision of an individual PhD candidate may end prematurely by mutual consent, through mediation by the Dean or by intervention of the Doctorate Board. The PhD supervisor may delegate his duties as a supervisor to one or more co-supervisors, but remains responsible.

The PhD supervisor has overriding responsibility for supervision with regard to the planning and implementation of the research project, as well as responsibility for the doctoral training of the PhD candidate.

Duties at the start of the AMC PhD project
The PhD supervisor is usually – but not always – responsible for the funding of the PhD research project, for the selection of the PhD candidate who will work on the project and for ensuring that the PhD candidate's appointment and working conditions are in accordance with the general and specific demands of the PhD project.

In the early phases of the PhD project, the PhD supervisor compiles a training and supervision scheme with the PhD candidate. The supervisor is responsible for ensuring that doctoral training is completed and supervision is provided as stipulated in this scheme.

The PhD supervisor oversees that the PhD candidate meets the qualifications for pursuing a PhD and that the PhD candidate submits an application to be admitted to the procedure. The PhD supervisor approves the final manuscript, assembles a Doctoral Committee to review the PhD thesis and oversees arrangements for the public defense of the PhD thesis.


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