Didactical Skills

This course prepares PhD candidates for their teaching and supervising role. The course is focused on setting learning goals, presenting content and teaching methods. The basic principles of educational theories and practice will be combined during the course. Besides the teaching the other part of the course is focused on the coaching and supervising of individual students. It is necessary for the participant to study the self-instruction material on forehand.

The course consists of two sessions.

Each session:
Self-instruction: 6 hours
Course: 4 hours

Optional: an individual coaching or intervision session: 1 hour

Scheduled dates:
January 30 and February 13, 2017 (full)
May 18 and June 1, 2017


After the course, the participant will:

1. know how to design and conduct their educational courses using activating teaching methods.

2. know how to coach/supervise individual students;

3. have acquired knowledge on educational theories and learning processes, focused on the AMC curriculum;

4. be aware of the skills necessary to prepare, perform, test and evaluate teaching;

5. have gained targeted information to further develop him- or herself.

Target audience:
PhD candidates, especially those who teach students during their Bachelor or Master education. For example, being a tutor of a small group of students, supervising students during internship or during their research thesis.

The course is given in Dutch. An English course is available on request.

To qualify for the certificate, a participant must attend both workshops. Attendance will be registered.

10 hours, which is comparable to 0.4 ECTS points.

Number of participants:
Maximum 10 per course.

No charge for registered AMC PhD candidates.

Course coordinators:
Drs. Karline Timmermans / Center for Evidence Based Education / k.r.timmermans@amc.uva.nl / tel. +31 (0)20 566 2331

More information:
From the course coordinator or AMC Graduate School, graduateschool@amc.uva.nl / room J1A-112 / tel. +31 (0)20 566 4618


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