FAQs - Compensation for PhD graduates

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Am I entitled to a reimbursement of costs for printing my PhD thesis?

All AMC PhD students who have obtained their doctorate degree can claim the € 500 net reimbursement as a modest contribution to the costs for printing their PhD thesis. The expenses claim form can be found on the AMC Graduate School website, see Compensation for PhD graduates.

Where can I claim the reimbursement for printing costs of my thesis?

The compensation for PhD graduates is charged on the unit that employs the PhD candidate or, when the PhD candidate is employed outside the AMC, the department/division of the PhD supervisor. A letter communicating this decision by the AMC Executive Board has been sent to all AMC divisions.

Is the PhD bonus a gross or a net compensation?

The PhD bonus for OiOs is regularly awarded as a gross gratuity of €750. The employer may decide to award it as a net reimbursement of € 750 for costs of PhD graduation. You have to prove you made the costs by submitting appropriate documents.

How do I apply for the PhD bonus?

The PhD bonus is awarded by your employer. The claims are handled by the HR department.
All you or your supervisor has to do is to send a dated copy of the signed draft title page of your thesis to the HR department of your employer (AMC or AMR BV), as declaration of approval of your thesis by the Doctorate Committee (see also UvA Doctorate Regulations, art. 20).
This should be done within a reasonable time; requests submitted 6 months or later after the end of your employment will not be processed.

Am I a research trainee (OiO)?

A research trainee is appointed as researcher in training or ‘Onderzoeker in Opleiding’ (OiO) at a Dutch UMC and receives a CAO-salary appropriate to this appointment. This is irrespective of the funding of the research project. See also the CAO UMC (art. 17.3) .
A research trainee's appointment totals 4 years on a full time basis or 5 years for 0,8 fte.

Who handles the claim expense form for the 500 eur reimbursement for the printing costs?

You should post your claim expense form, signed by your supervisor, in the AMR postbox 31 at the J0 entrance. If you are not employed by the AMC or AMR, the department of your PhD supervisor is still responsible for the reimbursement.

Am I entitled to the PhD Graduation Bonus?

PhD students who are employed by AMC of AMR BV as research trainee (‘Onderzoeker in Opleiding’ (OiO)) and who have finished their PhD project within their contract are entitled to a gratuity of € 750 gross.
If you are employed outside the AMC or AMR BV, you do not qualify for the PhD bonus.

What is meant by "who successfully obtain the doctorate during their four year contract"? How is the agreed time limit for finishing the PhD project defined?

The manuscript for the PhD thesis has to be approved by the Doctorate Committee within 3 months after the end of the research trainee appointment.
That is to say, within 4 years and 3 months from the start of your PhD project as a research trainee, if you had a full time appointment, and within 5 years and 3 months if you had a part time (0,8 fte) appointment. If you changed your appointment during your PhD project from full time to part time or vice versa, the proportional duration will be calculated.
Thus, the starting date of your appointment as a research trainee and the date of the approval of the Doctorate Committee are decisive.

When did the regulations come into effect?

The regulations came into effect on May 1, 2011 by decree of the AMC Executive Board.


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