FAQs - PhD Graduation

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How many AMC PhD theses are defended yearly?

At the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Amsterdam (AMC/UvA), approximately 220 PhD theses have been defended each year over the past few years. This equals almost about 40% of all doctoral degrees of the UvA.
This large number of doctorates calls for a well-organized planning and meticulous preparation of each step towards graduation. The AMC Office of Doctoral Affairs facilitates all procedures.

Where can I find correct information about the AMC/UvA PhD graduation procedure?

The AMC Office of Doctoral Affairs (J1A-111.1) processes all formalities concerning the doctorate at the UvA. The AMC procedures may deviate from the information on the UvA website, since other UvA faculties have organized the formalities in other ways, although the UvA Doctoral Regulations apply to all faculties.
For AMC PhD's, the information on the AMC website is leading. All steps in the AMC/UvA PhD graduation procedure must go through the AMC Office of Doctoral Affairs.

Please note that the UvA deadlines must be extended by a week, due to the extra time the AMC Office of Doctoral Affairs needs to proceed all formalities.

Must I include a Dutch summary in the final manuscript for screening on plagiarism?

Yes. In order to proceed efficiently, a Dutch and English summary must be included in the final manuscript that is send to phdscan@amc.uva.nl and the Doctorate Committee (Promotiecommissie). This AMC requirement deviates from the UvA instructions.

How do I submit the final electronic version of my PhD Thesis for plagiarism screening?

Upon sending the final manuscript to the Doctorate Committee (no later than 16 weeks before the date of the ceremony), you have to send the same final electronic version to phdscan@amc.nl for screening on plagiarism.

How do I submit the definitive electronic version of my manuscript to UvA-DARE?

You have to submit the electronic version of your definitive PhD thesis no later than 4 weeks before the date of the ceremony. If your manuscript was final and complete, and no minor changes were added after the submission for the plagiarism screening, you have already fulfilled this requirement.

After your manuscript has been approved by the Doctorate Committee - if minor changes or changes in layout have been made - you have to send the revised definitive version of your PhD thesis (printer's proof) to phdscan@amc.nl, in order to make sure that digital and paper final versions of your PhD thesis are exactly identical. No difference between electronic and paper version is acceptable, e.g. in page numbers, title page, propositions. So, if the printer's proof is not identical to the manuscript submitted for plagiarism screening, you have to resubmit. Please mention that minor changes have been made in this definitive electronic version.

Please note: do not send the digital version for UvA-DARE yourself; the AMC Medical Library will do that for you.

No later than 6 weeks before the date of the public defense the PhD candidate sends the license agreement to the University Library. UvA-DARE offers the possibility to apply an embargo (with a maximum of 2 years) on not yet published chapters and other material of the PhD thesis.

How do I submit the paper version of my PhD thesis?

You have to send 12 copies of the paper version to the Office of the Beadle, no later than 4 weeks before the date of the ceremony.

Is a model for the doctoral thesis title pages provided?

Yes. The doctoral thesis title page model provided on the UvA pages on Doctoral Regulations (English) or Promotiereglement (Dutch) is a form for completion. Using this form helps avoiding mistakes.

Why do the deadlines for submission of forms differ between UvA and AMC?

The UvA deadlines must be extended by at least a week, due to the extra time the AMC Office of Doctoral Affairs needs to proceed all formalities. Thus, the deadline for submission of the signed title pages is 9 weeks for AMC PhD candidates, and the deadline for sending the manuscript to the doctoral committee is 16 weeks.

AMC and UvA have agreed on the procedure of submission through the AMC Office of Doctoral Affairs (Bureau Promotiezaken) of all relevant forms. This procedure is beneficial for all parties. The proximity of the AMC Office facilitates contact and prevents time consuming communication with the UvA Office of the Doctorate Board. The dean's delegate is available weekly to sign all formal requests, upon a check by the AMC Office on correctness of the forms.


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