FAQs - Registration Procedure

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I do not have access to my original Master’s degree certificate. Can I register without it?

No. Please contact the AMC Graduate School: E:; T: +31 20 566 3108.

I filled in the registration form online. Can I send it by e-mail?

No. The send button at the end of the form only gives you an overview of your details. You have to print the file that you recieved in your e-mail, which then must be signed by you and your PhD supervisor (promotor). After this, bring the signed form in person to the HR Service Desk.

I have finished my PhD research and started writing my thesis. Do I still need to register?

Yes, we need to have the details of your PhD research for our records.

I am doing my research at the AMC, but I will defend my thesis at another university. Do I need to register as an AMC PhD student?

No, you can register with the AMC Graduate School only if you will defend your thesis at the UvA and you have an AMC full professor as your PhD supervisor.

Why do I need to bring my passport and Master’s degree certificate to the AMC HR Service Desk?

The AMC HR Service Desk is obligated by law to only register persons in the AMC Personnel System who can present valid identification and degree certificates (originals, not photocopies). The AMC Graduate School has no influence on this decision.

I have registered with Promotion Affairs (Bureau Promotiezaken) to set a date for defending my thesis. Do I still need to register?

Yes. The AMC needs to have a complete overview of all current and former PhD candidates. Even if you will be defending your thesis next week, we want you to register.

How can I access the Medical Library when I am abroad?

With your web browser, go to Login with your AMC username and password.

If you don't have an AMC username, please contact the AMC Graduate School:
E: T: 020-566 3108.

I already showed my original passport and Master’s degree certificant when I registered as an AMC (or AMR) employee. Why do I need to show these documents again?

The AMC HR Service Desk does not have a digital filing system; all documents are stored in a physical archive. With approximately 16,000 personnel files, it takes too much time to search for your documents. The quickest way to process the registration is for you to bring the documents in person.

I am already an employee of the AMC. Do I need to register again?

Yes. Although you are already registered in the AMC Personnel System, you must also be denoted as a PhD candidate. Otherwise you will not have access to the AMC Graduate School facilities.

I already registered with the AMR. Why do I need to register with the AMC Graduate School?

The registration with the AMR is not the same as registration with the AMC Graduate School. The registration form gives the AMC Graduate School details about your PhD research, such as the starting date, main sponsor and PhD supervisor. This information helps us to analyze the PhD demographics and the efficiency of PhD tracks within the AMC.

If my supervisor is not available, can my co-supervisor or my daily supervisor sign the form?

No. The form will only be processed if it is signed by your PhD supervisor (promotor). If this is a problem, please contact the AMC Graduate School: E: T: 020-566 3108.

I am working abroad and can not bring the form to the AMC HR Service Desk in person. How can I register?

Send an e-mail to explaining your situation. We will work with you to find a solution.


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