AMC PhD Scholarship 2017

Closed for application.

General information

Each year, the AMC Graduate School offers a number of PhD scholarships to excellent students who are completing their studies at the Master’s level in Medicine, Medical Informatics, Biomedical Sciences or Social Sciences. The AMC PhD scholarships are financed from core government funding and cover the cost of a four-year appointment as Research Trainee (Onderzoeker in Opleiding) at the AMC, including a small bench fee.

To qualify for these scholarships, prospective candidates must have obtained their degree at the AMC or have done at least one formally evaluated scientific internship at the AMC. Other requirements include excellent evaluations, a promising scientific track record and ideas for innovative research.

Furthermore, you must conduct your research at the AMC, or at an AMC-affiliated research institute, with the explicit intention of earning your PhD in the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Amsterdam. The scholarship covers the costs of your appointment as a Research Trainee (OiO) for a period of four years, plus limited additional research expenses (bench fee).

The scholarships are formally presented to the successful applicants by the Chair of the AMC Graduate School Board at the PhD Awards Session.


As a candidate for a PhD scholarship, we expect you to demonstrate genuine talent for top quality research in medicine, the biomedical sciences or the health sciences, based on your past achievements and your plans for original future studies.


The scholarship covers the costs of the salary of a PhD candidate as a Research Trainee (OiO) for a period of four years, plus limited additional research expenses (bench fee). If the total cost of the planned project is likely to exceed this amount, the PhD candidate and the PhD supervisor will need to secure additional funding from other sources.

Approved candidates are offered a four-year staff contract with the AMC or AMC Medical Research BV. This is a full-time position (36 hours per week on average), with salary and benefits in accordance with the prevailing collective employment agreement for a Research Trainee (OiO) at a Dutch university.

The AMC PhD Scholarship is a personal grant, not a departmental one. If the PhD candidate leaves the AMC or abandons the approved project before the end of the four-year contract term, the scholarship lapses. If another personal grant is secured to fund the PhD research, the AMC scholarship can be partially converted into a travel grant for a period of six months.


All applications will be evaluated by a selection committee consisting of five members, appointed in consultation with the President of the AMC Research Council, and headed by the chair of the Executive Board of the AMC Graduate School. After determining that the formal requirements have been met, the committee will consider the originality and quality of the research proposal, and its feasibility.

After this first round of deliberations, a shortlist of candidates will be invited for an interview. The final candidates will then be nominated to the AMC Executive Board. In making these nominations, the committee also seeks to achieve a fair balance across the many fields of research at the AMC. The final decision on granting the AMC PhD Scholarships is made by the Executive Board.


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