How to apply for a PhD position at the AMC

There is no central application procedure at the University of Amsterdam for those wishing to pursue a doctorate. Instead, potential candidates look for advertised vacancies or contact professors personally to ask if they are willing to act as a PhD supervisor. It is up to the individual professor whether or not to accept a request to be a PhD supervisor. This is essentially a personal decision over which the AMC Graduate School has no influence.

Most of the PhD candidates at AMC are paid employees, although a small proportion of such students perform their research as extranei who receive no salary. In all cases, however, an AMC professor has to agree to act as PhD supervisor.

More information about the rules and regulations for PhD candidates at the UvA can be found in the Doctorate Regulations.

For information about current vacancies for PhD candidates, go to AMC job vacancies, UvA job vacancies, and Academic transfer.


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