The registration procedure: step-by-step
1. Complete the registration form online.
2. Press the 'verzend' button for an overview. You receive the registration form in your e-mail.
3. Print out the e-mail and sign it. (Please select 'regeleinden herstellen' before printing.)
4. Ask your PhD supervisor to check and sign the form.
5. Take the following items with you to the HR Service Desk (room C0-215.1):

- the completed and signed registration form
- your Master's degree certificate(s) or doctoraal diploma, and
- a valid official identity document (not a driving license).

6. You have to make an appointment, unless you have an AMC ID badge. If you have to make an appointment, go directly to the HR calendar.
7. The registration procedure is now complete. You will receive confirmation by e-mail sent to your AMC e-mail address.

Important: Bring original documents, not photocopies. Only completed forms will be accepted.

AMC PhD candidates who are working outside The Netherlands must also register at the AMC. They should contact the AMC Graduate School for the special arrangements that apply to them.


AMC Graduate School
Tel: +31 (0)20 - 5663108