Introduction to supervision

The doctorate phase is the third phase in academic training, following the Bachelor’s and Master’s phases. Because PhD candidates in the doctorate phase are expected to work as autonomously as possible, supervision is crucial. The role of the PhD supervisor in doctorate level training has changed over time; the relationship between PhD supervisor and PhD candidate has shifted from master-apprentice to tutor-trainee. The PhD supervisor is fully responsible for the academic training of the PhD candidate. The outcome of a PhD project is a young scientist, not just a PhD thesis.

The evaluation and appraisal of PhD candidates and their scientific progress and professional development are part of the PhD supervisors’ coaching tasks. Offering support to the supervisors is part of the AMC Graduate School’s mission. To that end, the AMC Graduate School offers a number of instruments, including guidelines for good mentorship, progress evaluation interviews, a timetable for supervisors and workshops on supervision of PhD candidates (in cooperation with HR department).

PhD Supervisor Support
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