Laboratory Animals

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The course focuses on the respectful and responsible use of laboratory animals in biomedical research.

This course runs three times a year on ten consecutive days, plus a formal examination, during a three week period. Participants are advised to plan sufficient time for home study.

The course is a joint initiative of the experts on animal testing at the AMC, the University of Amsterdam (UvA), Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (VU), the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences (KNAW) and the Netherlands Cancer Institute (NKI).

Dates Scheduled:
June 12 thru June 23, 2017. Examination on June 30, 2017

November 20 thru December 1, 2017. Examination on December 8, 2017

Topics covered are: legal, ethical and social aspects of animal tests; comparative biology and zoological techniques of most widely used laboratory animals; animal housing and care, pathology, genetics, anaesthesiology; experimental techniques, experimental set-up and statistics, aspects of stress and immunology research, alternatives to animal testing, examination.

Target audience:
Participants must either be graduates of the biomedical studies listed in the Experiments on Animals Act or must comply with the alternative prerequisites. Under Article 9 of the Experiments on Animals Act (Wet op de Dierproeven), the course must be successfully completed by every researcher conducting tests or experiments on animals.
By law, admission requires the equivalent of at least 500 SBU* (17.9 EC**) of training in basic biological subjects, of which 200 SBU (7.2 EC) must be in Comparative Anatomy or Zoology and 200 SBU (7.2 EC) on Comparative Physiology.

* SBU = Studie Belasting Uren = study load hour
** EC = European Credits (European Credit Transfer System, ECTS)
One week of full-time = 40 SBU or 1.4 EC

The course is given in English.

Number of participants:
Maximum 26 per course.

To qualify for the certificate, a participant must attend all lectures and pass the examination.

Study load:
110 hours, which is comparable to 3.9 EC.

Participants from the associated institutes and universities in Amsterdam: 1,450 euro.
Other participants: 2,025 euro.

Course coordinator:
Willeke Jong / ARIA-IWO I.0B-110 / / tel. +31 (0)20 566 1824 or +31 (0)20 566 6479

Application and more information:
See application form link above or contact the course coordinator.


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