Epidemiologist A or B Registration


Epidemiology is the scientific (bio-)medical discipline that studies the occurrence and distribution of diseases in defined human populations, and relates these to determinants, exposures and consequences (health outcome). In Epidemiology, the emphasis is in particular on the principles and methods of research and their proper application.

Registration as Epidemiologist

Registration as Epidemiologist A (Junior Epidemiological Researcher at Master level) takes place at the Netherlands Epidemiology Society (Vereniging voor Epidemiologie; VvE). Registration as an Epidemiologist B (Senior Scientific Epidemiological Researcher at PhD level) takes place at the Foundation for Medical Biological Scientific Research (Stichting Medisch Biologisch Wetenschappelijk Onderzoek; SMBWO). To become a registered epidemiologist, one must follow a structured curriculum of education and training in Epidemiology. A candidate must be supervised by a registered senior epidemiologist on a day to day basis. One can apply for registration when one meets the registration requirements.
The Netherlands Epidemiologiy Society (VvE) provides all information about registration as an epidemiologist.

Application for registration

All information about the procedure on application for registration can be found on the website of the Netherlands Epidemiology Society. Below, you may find direct links (in Dutch) to:

  • Detailed requirements of registration as an Epidemiologist A or B.
  • Costs apply for registration applications.
  • All applications must be submitted in a standard format, and should always be signed by a Senior Epidemiologist who has been acknowledged by the Netherlands Epidemiology Society as Epidemiology Trainer (Opleider Epidemiologie).
  • For the AMC and UvA, the acknowledged Epidemiology Trainers are:
    Prof. dr. K. Stronks (K.Stronks@amc.uva.nl; 020-5661645), and
    Prof. dr. G.J.M.G. van der Heijden (Geert.vander.Heijden@acta.nl; 020-5980246).

A timely request and proposal for registration, preferably prior to the start of the education and training, includes consultation and advice. Please contact one of above acknowledged Epidemiology Trainers.

All registration applications are assessed by the Board of Inspection and Assessment (Commissie Toezicht en Beoordeling - CTB). The CTB checks whether applications meet the registration requirements.

Epidemiology Education and Training Program

Several universities provide a structured Epidemiology education and training program on master and/or postgraduate level. Some of these programs have been formally recognized, approved and accredited by the Netherlands Epidemiological Society. Neither UvA nor AMC currently has a program that as such has been approved and accredited. Therefore employees of the UvA and AMC will have to follow the registration application procedure for a not-recognized program (niet erkend opleidingstraject). For registration of applications based on a niet erkend opleidingstraject, the following considerations must be taken into account and should be discussed with the Acknowledged Epidemiology Trainers:

  1. Sufficient Epidemiological nature of the research experience;
  2. Adequate epidemiological educational and training environment;
  3. Daily supervision by registered Epidemiologist B.

All documents for applications, for Registration Epidemiologist A, niet erkend opleidingstraject or Registration Epidemiologist B, niet erkend opleidingstraject.


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