Training and Supervision


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Who has to sign the iTSA form?

The PhD candidate and the PhD supervisor (promotor) both have to sign it. In case of two PhD supervisors, they both have to sign.

Why does not the co-supervisor have to sign the iTSA form?

The PhD supervisor(s) has overall responsibility for the PhD project. The PhD supervisor may delegate his duties as a supervisor to one or more co-supervisors, but remains responsible. 

Does the PhD supervisor have to sign for the ILOs?

No. The Intended Learning Outcomes (ILOs) are an addendum to the iTSA form. They may be discussed by PhD candidate and PhD supervisor if both wish to do so, but it is not part of the iTSA itself. The PhD candidate can discuss the ILOs with the PhD Candidate Advisor.

Does the iTSA form also function as an application form for the PhD courses?

No. The PhD candidate has to apply for the AMC PhD courses using the application form.


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