PhD candidate support (PhD Candidate Advisor)

The PhD experience can be difficult and procedures may seem daunting. Occasional disputes are inevitable, ranging from minor disagreements about the order of experiments to severe conflicts over the quality of the thesis and the financial support.

PhD candidates are welcome to contact the AMC Graduate School at any time with queries or problems concerning PhD studies, or other matters related to their PhD project. If indicated, the PhD Candidate Advisor will refer the PhD candidate to other authorities, such as the AMC Scientific Research Counselor, a mediator or an external confidential counselor.

PhD candidates can ask the PhD Candidate Advisor for help and advice related to their PhD project, about the individual Training and Supervision Agreement (iTSA), procedures, processes, or other issues. The advisor is also interested in learning about PhD projects that were successful due to good supervision, efficient work arrangements, or other factors. Such positive feedback will enable the AMC Graduate School to improve its recommendations to all AMC PhD candidates.

PhD Candidate Advisor
Kirsten Douma
AMC, room E2-172
T: +31 (0)20 566 6541


AMC Graduate School
Tel: +31 (0)20 - 5663108