Re-registration Dutch BIG-register

Re-registration BIG Register: Solution for MD PhDs

Since 2013, periodic re-registration in the Dutch BIG-register is compulsory for medical doctors, in order to be allowed to perform reserved medical procedures. This implies compulsory re-registration after 5 years.

Medical doctors performing (fundamental) research were at risk of not fulfilling the requirement for re-registration. The Minister of Health recently decided that PhD research in the Biomedical Sciences is also considered relevant work experience. This means that medical doctors performing biomedical PhD research can also apply for BIG re-registration. This arrangement is valid for other BIG-registered professionals as well.

The requirements for re-registration remain intact: an equal amount of relevant working hours spent on PhD research in the realm of the (medical) profession is required. This should be proven by an employer statement issued by the PhD supervisor. More information is available on the website of the BIG register (Dutch only).


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