Scietific Integrity Counselor AMC / UvA

The AMC Graduate School works closely with the AMC / UvA Scientific Integrity Counselor (former Scientific Ombudsman), who can be approached for questions or reports of alleged professional misconduct by anyone directly or indirectly involved in scientific research at the institution. If possible, she will seek to mediate or find a solution for the complaint, failing which she will refer you to the UvA Academic Integrity Committee, where a formal complaint about a possible violation of academic integrity can be lodged.

At the request of AMC employees, the Scientific Integrity Counselor also makes recommendations on good scientific conduct in line with the AMC-VUmc Research Code. Compliance with this code is seen as an integral part of the activities of everyone working at the AMC, including PhD candidates.

AMC / UvA Scientific Integrity Counselor
Prof. J.C.J.M. de Haes
Department of Medical Psychology
T: +31 (0)20 566 0227

Research integrity: movie "on being a scientist"

The University of Leiden launched a movie on research integrity "On being a scientist". Although fiction, the dilemmas in the daily practice of scientific research are very recognizable. Nine different episodes each underline a characteristic aspect of science and together form a story.

The movie was initiated by prof. Bas Haring of the Leiden University, and professionally produced.


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