The doctorate

The PhD thesis

To obtain a doctorate, a PhD candidate must submit a thesis consisting of original academic research that is judged to be of sufficient quality by the PhD supervisor(s) and the doctorate committee. In the medical sciences, this usually consists of a collected series of scientific papers. The candidate must then defend this thesis in public before a panel of experts appointed by the university.

The thesis contains the results of the independent scientific research performed under the guidance of the PhD supervisor(s). The formal requirements for a PhD thesis at the AMC are defined in the doctorate regulations of the University of Amsterdam (Promotiereglement UvA in Dutch). Additional requirements can be found in the AMC Further Regulations (Aanvullende Bepalingen in Dutch) to the UvA Doctorate Regulations.

As a rule, the AMC PhD thesis should consist of at least three original in extenso papers that have been published, or accepted for publication, by international, peer-reviewed scientific journals, along with introductory and concluding chapters, a summary and a short CV and portfolio. However, the majority of PhD theses at the AMC contain at least six such papers. The PhD thesis is published, both in print and online, so that the results of the research are available to future generations of researchers.

These guidelines comply with the Zagreb Declaration (ORPHEUS, 2004) and the NFU Guidelines for PhD Tracks in Biomedical Science (2011).


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