Famelab Amsterdam UvA heat

The UvA participates in Famelab 2018. Candidates from AMC and FNWI are invited to enter this year's competition. Application is through the official Famelab NL website.

The UvA heat will be on Thursday 15 March 2018 in Spui 25, Amsterdam (18.30-22.00 hrs).

Participants in the Amsterdam UvA heat will get a masterclass on science communication on 9 March 2018.

The Famelab competition rules apply. They are simple:

  • a three-minute pitch
  • in English
  • without Powerpoint or other audiovisual support
  • props allowed as long as you can carry them on stage yourself.

All Famelab heats are in front of a live audience. You can bring your own supporters.

Application for the FameLab competition with the British Council.

AMC and FNWI both organize a pre-heat to select the candidates for the UvA Amsterdam heat. Applicants will be informed in detail after formal application. AMC participants must register both with the British Council and with the AMC Graduate School course application form.

Famelab AMC pre-heat

AMC pre-heat

The AMC pre-heat will be on ??? February 2018 in the AMC, in G4-123 (14.30-17.30 hrs.). All interested are welcome, pitches are in front of a live audience. Bring your friends and colleagues!

More information: see PhD Course Program

Famelab International

Communicating science to a lay audience is a growing priority for researchers worldwide. By doing so, they not only change the common stereotype of the scientist as “the geek in the white lab coat”, but also justify funding for their research, and inspire the next generation of scientists and engineers.

What Is FameLab International?

FameLab is an exciting competition to find the new faces of science across the world.

  • Open to anyone working in/studying science, technology, engineering, medicine or maths.
  • Competition format similar to talent shows on TV. Contestants have just three minutes to charm the audience and jury with clear scientific content.
  • Presentations are judged according to FameLab’s golden rule of the three Cs: Content Clarity and Charisma.
  • High profile partners around the world include NASA, CERN, Ministries of Education, Science centres and leading local universities.


FameLab® is a registered trade mark of Cheltenham Festivals. FameLab was set up in 2005 by Cheltenham Festivals in partnership with NESTA. Since 2007, thanks to a partnership with the British Council, FameLab has gone global. We now deliver the competition in 27 countries across the world and co-produce the International Final.

How does FameLab work?

FameLab identifies trains and mentors young scientists to communicate clearly and effectively with the general public and the media. How does FameLab work?

  • 10 to 12 national finalists selected through heats held across the country
  • All national finalists get media and communication skills training (Masterclass) from UK and local experts
  • After the training there is a National Final to choose the country winner who will compete in the International Final in the UK
  • The International Final, during the Cheltenham Science Festival each June, brings together people from all over the world to share their passion for science

Who does FameLab reach?

  • 27 countries in 2015 (including Malaysia, Vietnam, Korea, Australia, Italy, Switzerland and South Africa) with more preparing to join next year
  • 200+ partner organisations
  • Approximately 7000 scientists and engineers in total have taken part All engaged in a multi-disciplinary network with each other and with the UK
  • Over 250,000 video views on You Tube
  • 3.5 million people watched the 2013 national final on online Egyptian TV

Deeper Impact

  • 2000 Delegates of the Spanish Cancer Foundation’s congress for non-specialists attended the 3-minute talk by Spain’s FameLab 2013 winner. Princess (now Queen) Letizia was chairing the congress and broke protocol to personally speak to him
  • The Science Festival in Belgrade was originally set up by FameLab alumni.
  • In Bulgaria, the British Council set up the Sofia Science Festival featuring mostly FameLab alumni. Bulgaria’s FameLab final is now part of the festival.
  • Researchers have become media stars (approx. 25% of the population of Turkey is estimated to have watched FameLab Turkey in 2007).
  • Bulgarian National Television launched Bulgaria’s first-ever weekly science programme featuring FameLab Alumni, and was awarded the prize for Broadcast Journalism in 2011.
  • Mohamed Mamdouh, a finalist from 2010, recently started working at the American University in Cairo where he is responsible for creating a science communication branch in their existing science department, arguably making him the first professional science communicator in Egypt.

FameLab Netherlands:

The Netherlands has been participating in FameLab since 2014. For the upcoming 2017 edition, the heats will be organised and hosted by six Dutch universities. We also collaborate with the following partners:

  • VSNU (Association of Universities in the Netherlands) which represents 14 Dutch research Universities to government, parliament, and governmental and civic organisations;
  • The Netherlands Royal Academy for Arts and Sciences (KNAW), who host the FameLab Netherlands Masterclass each year.

More information and dates for the coming edition in the Netherlands can be found on the British Council Netherlands website.


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