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In addition to the three main missions of the AMC – Patient Care, Education and Research –the valorization of research results is becoming an ever more important fourth deliverable.

With over €70 million in research expenditures yearly, the AMC is a major source of innovation and knowledge at the frontiers of science. Companies interested in marketing new AMC technology (e.g. ideas for new drugs) will actually develop such technology only if it has been properly protected, e.g. through a patent application. This assures market exclusivity for a period long enough to recoup the very high development costs associated with the development of such a product.

Innovation Exchange Amsterdam (IXA) has a professional team dedicated to the protection and development of intellectual property. It is the central contact point for AMC researchers who have question about inventions or who wish to collaborate with external parties in industry or academia, as well as for industry representatives, entrepreneurs and investors who are interested in AMC technologies.

The services of IXA cover a wide range of activities such as handling confidentiality agreements (CDA) or material transfer agreements (MTA), assessment of inventions for patenting, management of intellectual property, negotiating collaborative research and licensing contracts with industry, and creating start-up companies based on AMC knowledge.

* The Innovation Exchange Amsterdam (previously Technology Transfer Offices) of the two academic medical centers (VUmc, AMC) and universities (VU, UvA/HvA) in Amsterdam have recently allied their forces. One of the new aims of this “pan-Amsterdam” TTO, besides the more classical TTO work of licensing and spin-off formation, is to provide dedicated support to large multi-disciplinary initiatives, such as the Neuroscience Campus Amsterdam, thus facilitating their interaction with industry.

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