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Young Talent Fund - Closed for applications

"The most vital moment in my research career? No doubt my visit to this top institute in my research field when I was still a young researcher. What I saw and learned there has been crucial for myself and my career in science."

The AMC Young Talent Fund program is CLOSED for applications for 2018.

Enclosed is a report from one of the winners of the AMC Young Talent Fund in 2015.


The Young Talent Fund enables young excellent PhD candidates, who are registered at the AMC Graduate School, to broaden their horizon and do an internship or follow courses at one of the top international research institutes anywhere in the world.

See the video below for more information on the AMC Young Talent Fund.

The Louise Gunning Public Health Study Fund is part of the AMC Young Talent Fund. The AMC Foundation enables the AMC Young Talent Fund.

The AMC Young Talent Fund was founded in 2012 to provide young talented researchers with unique education, experience and knowledge opportunities at a leading international research institute. The fund is made possible by private donations to the AMC Foundation. AMC PhD candidates (under 35 years of age) registered with the AMC Graduate School are eligible to apply. The maximum grant is € 5.000. A special selection committee assesses applications.

Winners AMC Young Talent Fund

Year Winner Destination
2017 Marjolein Brekelmans King's College, UK
Lucia Cocera Haifa, Israel
Sofieke de Jonge University College Hospital, UK
Caroline Figueroa University of Oxford, UK
Sophie Horbach Lennox Hill Hospital, Manhattan Eye Ear Throat Hospital NY; Harvard School Public Health Boston, USA
Thijs Siegenbeek van Heukelom University College San Francisco, USA
Josephine Tan Whitehead Institute MIT, USA
Jos Trentelman Yale University, USA
Nienke van Loon University of Pennsylvania, USA
Antoinette van Ouwerkerk Massachusetts General Hospital, USA
Tim van Timmeren University of Zurich, CH
Erik van Werkhoven Johns Hopkins School of Public Health, USA
2016 Rens Bexkens Harvard Medical School, Boston USA
Emma Birnie Oxford University, Bangkok Thailand
Jeanette Bleeker Oxford University, UK
Nick van Es Ottawa Hospital Research Institute, Canada
Bas Haak Memorial Sloan Cancer Center, NY USA
Joris Koetsveld Ural Federal University, Yekaterinaburg Russia
Najim Lahrouchi Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Boston USA
Rik Olde Engberink Vanderbilt University, Nashville USA
Daniele van Santen Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, Baltimore USA
Fleur Tjong Mount Sinai Hospital, NY USA
Alba Torrents de la Pena Scripps Research Institute, San Diego USA
Shaynah Wanga McGill University, Montreal Canada
2015 Kim Cerrone Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, NY
Jung-Ching Chang Weill Cornell University, NY
Pim van Dijk Harvard Public School of Health
Anne Hakkert Karolinska Institute, Sweden
Vannessa Harris Fondation Me'rieux University of Geneva
Krystien Lieve Hopital Xavier Bochat-Claude Bernard, Paris
Karlijn Meeks National Institue of Health, Maryland
Anneloes Opperhuizen National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM), Mexico City
Trientje Santema Harvard University / University of Dartmouth
Anne van der Spek Maine Medical Research Centre Institute
Anne-Fré Swager Harvard Medical School
Junfeng Wang Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health
2014 Rowan van Golen Snyder Institute, University of Galgary
Cynthia Ho University of Oxford
Mathilde Rivaud New York University School of Medicine
Marieke Schooneman Texas A&M University
Marije Smits Wingate Institute, Queen Mary University of London
Anouk Schrantee King’s College London
Alex Wagemakers Yale University
Eva Hoytema van Konijnenburg Johns Hopkins School of Public Health
2013 Sarah Gans Harvard School of Public Health
Umar Ikram London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine
Judy Luigjes Melbourne Neuropsychiatry Centre
Jessica Nelson Cold Spring Harbour Laboratory, New York
Tom Seijkens Ludwig Maximillian University, Munich
Tassili Weehuizen Genome Institute of Singapore
Parvin Tajik Johns Hopkins School of Public Health
2012 Inge Stegeman Johns Hopkins School of Public Health


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