Biomedical Engineering & Physics Colloquia


  • 15-01-2016: Bram Coolen. Quantitative MRI;
  • 29-01-2016: Edwin van der Pol. Shining light on extracellular vesicles: from Mie to Med;
  • 18-03-2016: Monique van Lier;


Regularly we organize department wide colloquia. All meetings are at 12:00 in L0-131. The dates and subjects are given below.

  • 25-Jan-2013: Dr. Christina Boer, Dept. of Anesthesiology, VUmc. Acute alterations in microcirculatory perfusion during surgery;
  • 22-Feb-2013: Prof. Dr. Bas de Mol, Dept. of Cardiothoracic surgery, AMC. Transcatheter aortic valve implantation;
  • 26-Apr-2013: Dr Peter Oosterhoff, Dept. of Experimental Cardiology, AMC. Non-invasive mapping of cardiac electrical activity;
  • 17-May-2013: Dr Gustav Strijkers, TU/e. Cardiac MRI.
  • 06-Sep-2013: Martijn de Bruin: Volumetric diagnostic imaging of the ureter
  • 13-Dec-2013: Edwin Bennink (UMCU): Nonlinear Regression Models for CT Brain Perfusion Analysis & Alan Riordan (UMCU/AMC): Investigating the quantitative accuracy and sources of error in CTP imaging;
  • 14-02-2014: Microcirculatory measurements in venous leg ulcers, Ralph Kurstjens;
  • 19-03-2014: What can a physicist do in a biology department? Rescan Confocal Microscopy: scanning twice for better resolution, Giulia De Luca, Van Leeuwenhoek Center for Advanced Microscopy, University of Amsterdam; 
  • 23-05-2014: Diffusion-tensor MRI of Skeletal muscle, Gustav Strijkers, Biomedical Engineering & Physics AMC, TU/e;
  • 25-09-2015: Wall Shear Stress, Wouter Potters;
  • 23-10-2015: Nicolas Weiss;
  • 18-12-2015: Blood vessel adaptation and endothelial shear stress: a tale of modeliing and imaging, Janina Schwarz;


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