CVEng Meetings

Cardiovascular Engineering Meetings

Every Thursday at 11:30 we have our Cardiovascular Engineering Meetings. All affiliated PhD students are obliged to be present. Guests are always welcome.

If interest to present at our meeting, please email

Cardiovascular Engineering Meeting 2017-2018

07-09-2017: Daphne Naessens - Fluid flow in the rodent brain

14-09-2017: Raquel Le Houcq (MSc presentation) - Density reduction over time in patients with subarachnoid hemorrhage to improve detection of aneurysm bleeding

15-09-2017: Bea Bedussi - Colloquium Lecture at Friday 15 Sept 13:00 (L0-131)

21-09-2017: no meeting

28-09-2017: Manon Tolhuisen - Automated thrombus segmentation using convolutional neural networks

05-10-2017: no meeting

12-10-2017: Wessel van der Steen - The story of performing a systematic review: radiological scales for grading subarrachnoid hemorrhages

19-10-2017: empty

26-10-2017: Bart Cornelissen - The influence of stent stiffness on vascular morphology and accompanying changes in intracranial sidewall aneurysms

02-11-2017: Haryadi Prasetya - Estimation of microvascular perfusion esophagectomy:
a quantitative model of dynamic fluorescence imaging 

09-11-2017: empty

16-11-2017: empty

23-11-2017: Rene van der Bel -

30-11-2017: empty

07-12-2017: empty

14-12-2017: Didier Collard - Intra-renal pressure/flow measurements for evaluation of the renal microcirculation and renal autoregulation 

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04-01-2017: empty

Cardiovascular Engineering Meeting 2017

19-01-2017: Rebecca Bot - Evaluating contrast-enhanced black-blood MRI in an intracranial aneurysm phantom

26-01-2017: Wessel van der Steen - Association of functional outcome with quantified hemorrhage volume in patients with aneurysmal subarachnoid hemorrhage

02-02-2017: No CVeng Meeting (PhD days)

09-02-2017: Pim van Ooij - 3D spatial correlations between wall shear stress and markers of vessel wall disease

16-02-2017: Bjarke Jensen (Dep Medical Biology) - Noncompaction, Can we make sense of it using basic research?

23-02-2017: canceled

02-03-2017: OPEN (email to if interested)

09-03-2017: Praneeta Kondouri - Left Ventricle Reconstruction in Patients with severe Ischemic Cardiomyopathy

16-03-2017: canceled

23-03-2017: Merel Boers - Multi-CT Angiography maps of parenchymal hemodynamics to predict tissue fate in acute ischemic stroke

30-03-2017: Teresa Palao Garcia - Conduction of vasomotor responses in small arteries in vitro

06-04-2017: Anne de Leeuw

13-04-2017: Emiel van Disseldorp (TU/e) - Wall stress analysis and mechanical characterization of abdominal aortic aneurysms using 4D Ultrasound

20-04-2017: canceled

27-04-2017: no meeting (Kings Day)

04-05-2017: still open

11-05-2017: still open

18-05-2017: Eva Leemans - Particle residence time in intracranial aneurysms

25-05-2017: no meeting (Ascension day)

01-06-2017: Mariah Daal - MRI of cardiac inflammation (project outlook)

08-06-2017: Xanne Westra (onder voorbehoud)

15-06-2017: Lukas Gottwald - Compressed sensing accelerated 4D flow MRI

22-06-2017: Lena Vaclavu - Cerebrovascular reactivity mapping in Sickle Cell Disease using MRI with acetazolomide challenge

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Requests for BSc/MSc student presentations during the CVeng time slot (Thursday 11:30AM-12:30PM) can be done by sending an email to


29-06-2017: Yves Haxaire - Preoperative modeling of carotid stenting

17-08-2017: MSc student presentations

Praneeta Konduri: "A Planning Tool for Left Ventricular Reconstruction in Patients with Severe Ischemic Cardiomyopathy".

Augustin Grisel : "Proof of concept of an automated thrombus candidate detection in patients with acute ischemic stroke".

24-08-2017: Emeric Barrier - Quantified TICI: A quantitative measure of brain perfusion in patients with acute ischemic stroke based on a deep learning method

31-08-2017: Yves Haxaire


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