PhD Defenses


04-02-2016: Jasmin Holz - Luminescence imaging and spectroscopy for the detection of early neoplasia in Barrett's esophagus

26-05-2016: Willemien van de Bos - Focal therapy in prostate cancer

26-05-2016: Peter Wagstaff -New techniques in the Diagnosis and Treatment of Renal Masses

13-09-2016: Abele Donati - From macrohemodynamic to the microcirculation

21-09-2016: Emilie Santos - When Void Matters: Imaging, Detection, Quantification and Analysis of Thrombi in Patients with Acute Ischemic Stroke

13-10-2016: Jordi Borst - CT Imaging in Acute Ischemic Stroke

27-10-2016: Mustafa Elattar - Quantitative Image Analysis for Planning of Aortic Valve Replacement

17-11-2016: Albert Yoo - Imaging-based Patient Selection for Intra-arterial Stroke Therapy

18-11-2016: Olvert Berkhemer - Intra-arterial Treatment of Acute Ischemic Stroke

29-11-2016: Nicolas Weiss - The amplitude and the phase or: Measuring directional and random motion with optical coherence tomography


11-12-2015: Wouter Potters - Wall Shear Stress Measurements Using Phase Contrast Magnetic Resonance Imaging

02-07-2015: Tim van de Hoef - Novel insights into the complexity of ischaemic heart disease derived from combined coronary pressure and flow velocity measurements

24-06-2015: Jerry de Groot - Pressure-standardized breast compression in mammography

24-06-2015: Fahmi Fahmi - CT Perfusion for Acute Ischemic Stroke: Vendor-Specific Summary Maps, Motion Correction and Application of Time-Invariant CTA

21-05-2015: Ronnie Wessels - Clinical experiences with optical coherence tomography in epithelial (pre) malignancies

01-04-2015: Annemarie Nadort: Glow with the Flow: Quantifying Blood Flow and Photoluminescence Signal in Biological Tissue

29-01-2015: Edwin van der Pol - Detection of extracellular vesicles: size does matter

14-01-2015: Giju Thomas - Nonlinear optical imaging as a diagnostic tool for cutaneous squamous cell carcinoma


18-12-2014: Ferdinand Kruis - Motion compensation of 4D PET/CT

16-12-2014: Kai Liu - Functionalized Upconversion Nanaparticles for Cancer Imaging and Therapy

11-12-2014: Hille van Dijk - Shedding new light on diabetic retinopathy with optical coherence tomography

13-11-2014: Eure Almac - Therapeutic strategies for the protection of renal oxygenation in experimental models of acute kidney injury

22-10-2014: Namkje Vellinga - Microcirculatory dysfunction in critically ill patients: prevalence and significance from a bedside perspective

16-10-2014: Dennis Heijtel - Validation and applications of arterial spin labeling

19-09-2014: Annemieke van Dam - Fingermarks, more than just a ridge pattern

10-09-2014: Pauline Kok - Optical coherence tomography beware of optical illusions

20-06-2014: Joppe Schneiders - Rupture risk of intracranial aneurysms

06-06-2014: M. Cristina Rolandi - Cardiac-coronary interaction in humans: mechanistic insights from wave intensity analysis

16-04-2014: Froukje Nolte - Improved assessment of functional severity of coronary artery stenosis by analysis of combined intracoronary pressure and velocity signals

23-04-2014: Michelle Heiblom - Clinical experiences with photoacoustic breast imaging

16-04-2014: Froukje Nolte - Improved assessment of functional severity of coronary artery stenosis by analysis of combined intracoronary pressure and velocity signals

15-04-2014: Gerda Edelman - Spectral Analysis of Blood Stains at the Crime Scene

13-03-2014: Martijn de Bruin - Clinical applications of Functional Optical Coherence Tomography

11-03-2014: David Boerwinkel - Advanced imaging of oesophageal neoplasia; Old looks and new versions

27-02-2014: Munir Baris Karakkullukcu - New insights into Photodynamic Therapy of the Head and Neck

21-02-2014 Bilge Guvenec Tuna - Smooth Muscle Cell Function and Organization of the Resistance Artery Wall


11-10-2013: Glenn Hernandez - A holistic approach for perfusion assessment in septic shock. Basic foundations and clinical applications

25-10-2013: Duc Nguyen - Integrated optics based optical coherence tomography

25-10-2013: Joy Vroemen - 3D Imaging in corrective osteotomy of the distal radius

31-10-2013: Wei Feng - Optimized ultrasounddetection for sensitive 3D photoacoustic breast tomography


08-03-2012: Nienke Bosschaart - Quantitative and localized spectroscopy for non-invasive bilirubinometry in neonates

14-03-2012: Vitali Kodach - Development of functional near-infrared optical coherence tomography

04-04-2012: Anais Leproux - Breast lesion detection using diffuse optical imaging

05-04-2012: Jose Jithin - Prospects of Passive Element Enriched Photoacoustic Computed Tomography (PER-PACT)

10-04-2012: Barbara Stam - Three dimensional modeling of bruise evolution for improved age determination

11-04-2012: Jasper Nijkamp - (Un-)certainties in radiotherapy of rectal cancer

07-06-2012: Chai Xiangfei - Building tools for image-guided adaptive radiotherapy of bladder cancer

20-09-2012: Pim van Ooij - Phase contrast MRI in intracranial aneurysms

08-11-2012 Johan van der Meer - Multimodal investigations into the pathophysiology of myoclonus-dystonia

08-11-2012: Roy de Kinkelder - Optical Diagnostic Techniques in Ophthalmology

14-12-2012: Pepijn van Horssen - Multiscale analysis of coronary branching and collateral connectivity: Coupling vascular structure and perfusion in 3D.


01-03-2011: Tanja Johannes - Experimental strategies in the treatment of acute renal failure in sepsis

01-03-2011: Egbert Mik - Measuring microvascular and mitochondrial oxygen tension. Novel techniques for studying tissue oxygeneration

19-04-2011: Arnaldo Dubin - The relationship of CO2 metabolism to tissue perfusion, microcirculation, and treatment response in shock and sepsis

13-05-2011: Zhila Taherzadeh - Hypertension and resistance vessel function and structure. Role of ethnicity and inflammation

17-05-2011: Jeroen van den Akker -Role of transglutaminase 2 in vascular remodeling

15-06-2011: Hanke Matlung - Inflammation and transglutaminases in vascular remodeling and artherosclerosis

29-06-2011: Rolf Bremmer - Non-contact spectroscopic age ddetermination of bloodstains

01-07-2011: Rick Bezemer - Optical methods for the assessment of microvascular perfusion and oxygenation

05-07-2011: Y. Wang - Structured doping of upconversion nanosystems for biological applications

10-11-2011: L. Hartsuiker - Microspectroscopic characterization of gold nanorods for cander cell detection

30-11-2011: Martijn van de Giessen - Statistical Modeling of shape and motion of the wrist bones

08-12-2011: Christina Lavini - Development and clinical applications of the Time Intensity Curve shape analysis in Dynamic Contrast Enhanced MRI: a pixel-by-pixel approach


03-03-2010: Hugo Gratama van Andel - Image processing in vascular computed tomography

05-03-2010: Matthijs Draijer - High-speed perfusion imaging based on laser speckle fluctuations

23-03-2010: Raja Ravavarapu - Gold nanorods as molecular probes for light-based imaging techniques

23-06-2010: Bratchenia Aliaksandr - Towards quantitative acoustic-optic imaging

02-09-2010: Constantin Unqureanu -Interactions of light with gold nanorods and cells

12-10-2010: Monique Smitsmans - Towards image-guided radiotherapy of prostate cancer

16-11-2010: Dan Milstein - The response of the oral microcirculation to pharmacological and surgical interventions

23-11-2010: Paul Elbers - Focus on flow. Imaging the human microcirculation in perioperative and intensive care medicine

23-11-2010: Bart-Jan Verhoeff - Simultaneous pressure and flow velocity measurements in diagnosis and treatment of coronary artery disease


20-05-2009: Jochem Wolthaus - Four-dimensional imaging in radiotherapy for lung cancer patients

25-06-2009: Christiaan Boerma - Distributive failure in the microcirculation of septic patients

02-07-2009: Michal Heger - Lasers and liposomes: a potentially efficacious combination for the non-invasive removal of pathological cutaneous vasculature

16-10-2009: Ayso de Vries - Clinical evaluation of technical developments in CT colonography

30-10-2009: Nadiezida Nijenhuis - Microrhelogy of the pericellular matrix: gels, cells and organ. An optical tweezers study


11-01-2008: Bart Carelsen - Intraoperative and dynamic 3D rational X-ray imaging

06-02-2008: Adrian Pistea - Inward remodeling of small arteries - role of transglutaminases

14-03-2008: Christina Kolyva - Analysis of pulsatile coronary pressure and flow velocity: looking beyond means

04-12-2008: K. Thumma - Photoacoustics for Biomedical Applications: Imaging of tumor vascularization and all-optical detection


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