Head of Department: Prof. dr. J.B. van Goudoever
Head of Department: Prof. dr. J.B. van Goudoever

Research in adults cannot simply be translated to children. Children are different; they have a different metabolism, different needs, and children sometimes have different diseases than adults. Moreover, children are a heterogeneous population, varying from premature newborns to adolescents of 17 years. Medicines work differently in children than in adult patients, and may have long-term consequences for growth and development. This makes research in children essential.

Section Head of section
Paediatric Intensive care Dr. J.B.M. van Woensel
Paediatric Oncology Dr. J.H.M. Merks
Neonatology Prof. dr. A.H.L.C. van Kaam
General Paediatrics Dr. D.K. Bosman
Paediatric Pulmonology Prof. dr. W.M.C. van Aalderen
Paediatric Gastroenterology Prof. dr. M.A. Benninga
Paediatric Cardiology Prof. dr. N.A. Blom
Paediatric Genetics Prof dr. R. Hennekam
Paediatric Psychosocial care Prof. dr. M.A. Grootenhuis
Paediatric Nephrology Dr. J.W. Groothoff
Paediatric Urology Prof. dr. T.P.V.M. de Jong
Paediatric Haematology/Immunology/ Infect. Diseases Prof. dr. T.W. Kuijpers
Paediatric Neurology Prof. dr. B. Poll–Thé
Paediatric Endocrinology Dr. A.S.P. van Trotsenburg
Paediatric Metabolic Diseases Prof. dr. F.A. Wijburg
Paediatric Surgery Prof. dr. L.W.E. van Heurn
Paediatric clinical Research Office Dr. J.H van der Lee
Nutrition & Metabolism Prof. dr. J.B. van Goudoever


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