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A.R. Polak

Position: PhD student
Main activities: Research, Patient care
Specialisation: PTSD; Trauma-Focused CBT: neuropsychology
Focus of research:

Our research focus is on trauma related disorders, like PTSD and treatment options (e.g. adjunctive breathing biofeedback to Cognitive Behavioral Therapy; Cognitive Behavioral Therapy versus paroxetine). Furthermore, we aim to investigate the influence of treatment on neuroendocrine (e.g. oxytocin or cortisol), psychophysiological (e.g. Heart Rate Variability) and neuropsychological (e.g.e executive functioning and verbal memory) parameters in PTSD.

AMC themes: Neurological & Psychiatric Disorders
Departments: Psychiatry: Adult Psychiatry
Olff M, Polak AR, Witteveen AB, Denys D, Executive function in posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and the influence of comorbid depression. NEUROBIOL LEARN MEM 2014;112:114-121 [PubMed]
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Polak AR, van der Paardt JW, Figee M, Vulink N, de Koning P, Olff M, Denys D, Compulsive carnival song whistling following cardiac arrest: a case study. BMC PSYCHIATRY 2012;12 (1):75 [PubMed]
Polak AR, Witteveen AB, Reitsma JB, Olff M, The role of executive function in posttraumatic stress disorder: A systematic review. J AFFECT DISORDERS 2012;141 (1):11-21 [PubMed]
Polak AR, Witteveen AB, Visser RS, Opmeer BC, Vulink N, Figee M, Denys D, Olff M, Comparison of the effectiveness of trauma-focused cognitive behavioral therapy and paroxetine treatment in PTSD patients: design of a randomized controlled trial. BMC PSYCHIATRY 2012;12 (1):166 [PubMed]
Witteveen AB, Bisson JI, Ajdukovic D, Arnberg FK, Bergh Johannesson K, Bolding HB, Elklit A, Jehel L, Johansen VA, Lis-Turlejska M, Nordanger DO, Orengo-GarcĂ­a F, Polak AR, Punamaki RL, Schnyder U, Wittmann L, Olff M, Post-disaster psychosocial services across Europe: The TENTS project. SOC SCI MED 2012;75 (9):1708-1714 [PubMed]
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