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I. Bergfeld MSc

Position: PhD student
Main activities: Research
Specialisation: Neuropsychology
Focus of research:

- The effectiveness of Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS) of the Nucleus Accumbens as a treatment for therapy resistant depressive patients.

- Effects of antidepressent treatments (DBS, ECT, medication) on cogntive functions.

Major depressive disorder (MDD) is a psychiatric illness characterized by a disorder of mood, but is also associated with several neuropsychological deficits. Additionally, some of the treatment options for the disorder are linked with further cognitive decline, most notably electroconvulsive therapy (ECT). At present ECT is the “treatment-of-choice” for treatment-refractory (TR) MDD patients, who have failed to respond to different therapies (medication and/or psychotherapy).

In recent years a new neurosurgical treatment option for TR MDD has emerged in the form of deep brain stimulation (DBS). Different targeting sites have proposed as a potential target, e.g. subgenual cingulate region (Brodmann area 25) and the nucleus accumbens (N.Acc.). For this project the latter has been chosen, because DBS of this site has shown to have a positive result on mood in obsessive-compulsive patients. N.Acc. DBS has also shown promising results in lifting depression in a small group of MDD patients.

However, no results have been reported on the effect of N.Acc. DBS on neuropsychological functions. Therefore this study will compare the neuropsychological outcomes of patients treated with N.Acc DBS to those treated with ECT or medication. Testing will take place before the surgery or first treatment and at several time points after. A healthy control group is included to control for learning effects of repetitive testing.

AMC themes: Neurological & Psychiatric Disorders
Departments: Psychiatry: Adult Psychiatry
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Ooms P, Blankers M, Figee M, Bergfeld IO, van den Munckhof P, Schuurman PR, Denys D, Cost-effectiveness of deep brain stimulation versus treatment as usual for obsessive-compulsive disorder. BRAIN STIMUL 2017;10 (4):836-842 [PubMed]
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Bergfeld IO, Mantione M, Hoogendoorn MLC, Denys D, Cognitive functioning in psychiatric disorders following deep brain stimulation. BRAIN STIMUL 2013;6 (4):532-537 [PubMed]
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