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Drs. C.A.I. van der Meer

Position: PhD student
Main activities: Research
Specialisation: Psychotrauma
Focus of research:

My focus is on early interventions and screening after trauma. The aim of our research is to develop trauma-related online applications, to validate these and to test their efficacy. Currently we are developing a mobile app that assesses mental health and resilience after trauma.

We are a part of the INPREZE project in which several partners work together on online applications in mental health.

AMC themes: Neurological & Psychiatric Disorders
Departments: Psychiatry: Adult Psychiatry
van der Meer CAI, Bakker A, Schrieken BAL, Hoofwijk MC, Olff M, Screening for trauma-related symptoms via a smartphone app: The validity of Smart Assessment on your Mobile in referred police officers. INT J METH PSYCH RES 2017;26 (3):e1579 [PubMed]
van der Meer CAI, Bakker A, Smit AS, van Buschbach S, den Dekker M, Westerveld GJ, Hutter RC, Gersons BPR, Olff M, Gender and Age Differences in Trauma and PTSD Among Dutch Treatment-Seeking Police Officers. J NERV MENT DIS 2017;205 (2):87-92 [PubMed]
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