Public Health

The ambition of the Department of Social Medicine is to initiate, conduct and publish high quality research in the field of public health, health promotion and health services research.

This research aims to contribute to the scientific evidence that is needed to support policies aimed at fostering and improving the health of populations at local, national and international levels. Particular attention is given to the health situation and health care needs of migrants from poor countries, ethnic minority groups, and (other) socio-economically deprived groups.

More specifically, by fulfilling its mission, the department will contribute to:

  • Understanding the social and early determinants of population health with a focus on determinants of health associated with social disadvantage;
  • Systematic development and evaluation of effective health promotion interventions and policies to address these determinants;
  • Systematic development and evaluation of interventions aimed at bridging the gap between health care providers and patients from social disadvantages groups;
  • Understanding health care performance, including legal aspects of health care, and to contribute to effective health care services.


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