Amsterdam Multidisciplinary Lyme Center (AMLC)

The Amsterdam Multidisciplinary Lyme Center combines clinical care and research on Lyme borreliosis.

Since 2012 the departments of infectious diseases, neurology, dermatology and rheumatology closely collaborate in the clinical care patients with Lyme borreliosis or other tick-borne diseases. We are supported by the departments of pediatrics, medical microbiology and psychiatry.

Since 2005 our research group is part of the Center for Experimental and Molecular Medicine (CEMM). Prof dr T. van der poll is head of the department and Dr J.W.R. Hovius is the AMC principal investigator Ticks & Tick-borne Diseases. Hovius is an internist and infectious diseases specialist and has a PhD in tick-host-pathogen interactions in Lyme borreliosis. Currently, Hovius heads a group consisting of five PhD students; J. Coumou, L. Mason, A. Wagemakers, J. Koetsveld and J.J. Trentelman and one (bio)technician J.I. Ersoz. We closely collaborate with prof dr T.H.B. Geijtenbeek (AMC, CEMM) and prof E. Fikrig (Yale University, Infectious Diseases).


Location G2-132
P.O. Box 22660
1100 DD Amsterdam
the Netherlands
Tel.: +31 20 566 59 10
Fax : +31 20 697 71 92