The Center for Immunology Amsterdam

The Center for Immunology Amsterdam (CIA) of the Academic Medical Center at the University ofAmsterdam , and the affiliated institute Sanquin, integrates clinical and preclinical research addressing questions concerning the pathogenesis and therapy of inflammatory diseases. Goals of CIA are the optimal integration of different experts and the maintenance and improvement of quality of research. Among the key activities are weekly and monthly seminars, and yearly retreats. As a center in an academic institute, special attention is devoted to the embedding of PhD students.

Different series of seminars act as platform of discussion on research within CIA or on outstanding research outside the AMC.

AMC Immunology Meeting (AIM), weekly (speakers: PhD and postdocs) Organizers: Bjoern Clausen and Martijn Nolte

Backyard Immunology Meeting, monthly (speakers: national experts) Organizer: Kris Reedquist

Immune Tissue Reactivity Club (TIRC), monthly (speakers: national and international experts) Organizers: Jorg Hamann and Carel van Noesel

Theme Symposia, twice a year (speakers: experts on a theme) Organizers: theme coordinators

Principle Investigators Retreat, yearly Organizers: CIA Board

PhD studentship

In addition to the PhD Course Program of the AMC Graduate School of Medical Science, several activities at CIRA will benefit young beginning immunology scientists.

PhD Course ‘Advanced Immunology’
Next to the broad spectrum of PhD courses offered to starting PhD students by the AMC Graduate School of Medical Sciences, CIA offers an intensive two-week course course ‘Advanced Immunology’ (collaboration between AMC, VUmc and Sanquin) which provides a thorough update on a variety of immunological issues.

PhD Retreat, yearly (1st year poster, 2nd year talk, 3rd year chair)
The informal atmosphere of the yearly AIO-retreat allows the flowering of friendships and the start of fruitful internal collaborations between PhD students from different PI groups.

Project evaluation committees
On the voluntary basis, each PhD (and postdoc) project will be closely monitored by two independent CIA expert staff members, facilitating long-term success of these projects.