Translational Metabolism | Lab GMD

The search for new therapies, disease biomarkers and underlying pathological mechanisms

The Houtkooper group is part of the laboratory Genetic Metabolic Diseases (Lab GMD) of the Academic Medical Center (AMC) in Amsterdam. Lab GMD is headed by Prof Ronald Wanders and studies metabolic disease in a broad context, ranging from rare inherited metabolic diseases to age-related metabolic disease. Lab GMD also houses the AMC metabolomics core facility. For more info, see the website of Lab GMD.

Research aim

The general theme of our research is metabolism, and several research lines are geared towards understanding the development of metabolic diseases. These can be subdivided in common, often age-related, diseases and inborn errors of metabolism.


Dr. Riekelt Houtkooper
Laboratory Genetic Metabolic Diseases
Academic Medical Center
Meibergdreef 9
1105 AZ Amsterdam
The Netherlands
Room F0-222
+31 20 566 3927

Twitter: @rhhoutkooper