Netherlands Institute for Pigment disorders

The Netherlands Institute for Pigment disorders (SNIP) was founded in 1994 by the Dermatologist Dr. Wiete Westerhof. His goal was to establish an expertise center for pigment disorders of the skin. An initiative that became successful since the SNIP became an internationally recognized centre serving many patients from Holland and abroad.

Situated on the AMC campus, the SNIP, provides patient care at an academic level in a small scale environment suitable for the extra attention and service many patients need.

In the course of time, the institute has, besides its main task which is the treatment of pigment disorders, also been focussing on skin disorders that can be treated with laser techniques.

The institute not only has an important role in patient care but also in the education of residents in dermatology. Here they can gain knowledge and experience about the specific aspects of pigment disorders and laser Dermatology.

The institute is closely affiliated to the department of Dermatology ( Prof.dr. J.D.Bos) of the Academic Medical Center (AMC) / University of Amsterdam and has a close scientific collaboration with The Netherlands Cancer Institute / Antoni van Leeuwenhoek hospital.

The research into pigment disorders focuses on the vitiligo disease. Vitiligo patients struggle with white patches on their skin, which may continually expand. There is indeed therapy available for removing these patches, but it does not guarantee everyone a lasting effect. The Netherlands Institute for Pigment Disorders (SNIP) in Amsterdam is presently doing research on what causes vitiligo patches and in which cases therapy is effective, or ineffective. This undertaking will hopefully increase the success rate of vitiligo treatments in the (nearby) future!

In addition, the institute conducts research in the area of laser therapy in skin aberrations. New techniques are studied for improving the effects of existing lasers. Special attention is focused on treating wine-port stains.


Meibergdreef 35
1105 AZ Amsterdam
the Netherlands
tel +31-(0)20-5666955