Paediatric Pulmonology

The pulmonary system is in constant development during childhood. During this period environmental exposures act upon genetic predisposition to set a child on a trajectory to pulmonary health or disease, processess that have been shown to track well into adulthood.

Unfortunately the exact nature of these pathofysiological processes is poorly understood as they are heteregeneous and typically poorly described by symptoms. This limits our capabilities to target existing therapies effectively and slows down development of novel therapies.

The department of pediatric pulmonology at the Emma’s Children Hospital performs research to increase our understanding of the development of airways disease. We approach this by focussing not only on those children that do develop disease but explicitely on what protects children despite being exposed to the same environment. In this context the primary focus of our research lies in pediatric asthma. We collaborate intensively with a wide range of departments to build collaborative research projects that help us identify novel preventive and therapeutic approaches in asthma along with biomarkers that help identify children most likely to benefit.