Paediatric clinical Research Office

The Paediatric clinical Research Office (PRO) is part of the Clinical Research Office of the Department Woman and Child in the AMC. Main goal of this department is to enhance the quality of clinical research in Paediatrics. Therefore PRO supports researchers of the Emma Children’s Hospital with methodological advice in all stages of research from grant writing to publication.
PRO provides in:

  • methodological and statistical consultation;
  • long-term methodological, statistical support;
  • an overview of AMC Paediatric studies;
  • organization of workshops and educational meetings.

Apart from these supportive activities, the Paediatric clinical Research Office is involved in several research projects. Research within PRO focuses on innovative methodologies that enhance the quality and feasibility of child health clinical trials, such as efficient sample size calculation, ethical issues around recruitment and safety of children in trials including Data Monitoring Committees' responsibilities, and development and evaluation of valid, age-adequate outcome measurement instruments. Other research concerns clinical trials in rare diseases, and especially the enhancement of participation of patients and their representatives in clinical trial design.

PRO contributes to a world-wide network of paediatric clinical researchers and methodologists called StaR Child Health and is partner in two EU funded FP7 research projects (GRIP, ASTERIX).