Pediatric gastroenterology and nutrition

The department of pediatric gastroenterology and nutrition of the Emma Children’s Hospital / Acadamic Medical Center is the referral center in the Netherlands for children with functional gastrointestinal disorders such as gastroesophageal reflux disease, functional abdominal pain and defecation disorders. Moreover, the department has specific knowledge regarding rare motility disorders such as achalasia, intestinal pseudo-obstruction and Hirschsprung’s disease. Another important topic is inflammatory bowel disease in adults and children, which has been a priority topic within our hospital. Since a few years, the outpatient clinic for feedingdisorders has developed into a national expertise center as well. Finally, the AMC has been designated as an official national centers of expertise in the field of intestinal failure and hereditary colon tumors in adults and children. Our goal is to continue our role as center of excellence in the these areas.