Public, Occupational and Epidemiological Health Issues in Medicine (POEHIM)

The purpose of the research within the AMC theme ‘Public Health and Epidemiology’ is to contribute to the evidence-base of:

  • Public health;
  • Occupational health;
  • Primary health care;
  • The organization of health care;
  • Preclinical and clinical research methods

Both empirical and ethical practice issues are addressed. In 2010 the multi-ethnic HELIUS cohort has been started by a group of principal Investigators (PIs).

Valuable assets of the research in this theme, are:

  • The societal impact of this research;
  • The extramural connection to clinical care;
  • The methodological support to other AMC research themes;
  • The support systems for the medical professional initiated from research projects

PIs from this AMC research theme conduct interdisciplinary research in the following areas:

  1. Effectiveness of preventive medicine, both at the individual level and at the level of high risk populations;
  2. The role of diversity in determinants of health, well being and disease in the general population and in the working population
  3. Quality of health care: measures to promote patient outcomes and population healt';
  4. Quantitative and qualitative research methods as subject of research