Erfelijke en Aangeboren Aandoeningen

The department of Inherited and Congenital Anomalies is a department in which knowledge and experience from clinical and molecular genetics is used to offer optimal care to children with genetically determined disorders, with or without congenital anomalies and with or without developmental problems. This is offered both to outpatient and inpatient care, but emphasis is on outpatient care. The work of the department is especially visible within a series of expertise clinics.

The department functions within the department of General Paediatrics. However, there are good collaborations with the colleagues providing care to adults, and indeed also care to adults can be provided through the departments of Internal Medicine and Neurology. It has very strong ties to patient support groups and directions in which both care and research developments go, are also determined by these support groups.

The work within the department is performed mainly by paediatricians specialised in care for individuals with inherited and congenital anomalies (a separate specialism in the Netherlands), but clinical geneticists and physicians providing care for individuals with intellectual disabilities (also a separate specialism in the Netherlands) are part of the department as well. Furthermore, if needed paediatricians of other subspecialties can be consulted, and also other specialties within the AMC such as ophthalmology, ENT, dermatology, plastic surgery and all other surgical specialties are available on request. There are strong ties to several groups of social scientists in the Netherlands in case specific behavioral problems are present.