Key Research Topics

Atherosclerosis and cardiovascular conditions
The key research topics in this field are the interactions between various cell types and the atherosclerosis-affected vascular wall; genetic research; those proteins that play a role in arterial and venous thrombosis; and epidemiological studies of different treatment methods. Gene therapy for patients with the rare congenital condition LPL deficiency is now underway.

Heart defects and arrhythmia
The emphasis here is on unravelling the structural and functional regulatory mechanisms (including signal transduction pathways) of the healthy, the developing and the diseased cardiac muscle cell. This is being done at both the genetic molecular level and the molecular cell physiology level.

Blood pressure regulation and organ perfusion
This line of research is primarily concerned with the development of new diagnostics and treatments for high blood pressure, coronary damage, kidney damage and perioperative ischaemic conditions.