Key Research Topics

Population studies
In addition to the research described above, studies include the SUNSET health and ethnicity project, which concentrates on the differences in cardiovascular risk profiles between people of Surinamese and Dutch origin. There are also regular reviews of occupational diseases.

Health services effectiveness studies
These include evaluations of screening programmes and comparative studies of healthcare systems and health-related law. An example is a recent study of the relative quality of large and small intensive care units, which revealed that larger intensive care units generally deliver better care.

Patient studies
These look at the progress of disease and at the effectiveness of diagnosis and treatment; specific work includes research into the effectiveness of communication in clinical practice. Epidemiology and public health researchers from the departments of General Practice, Medical Psychology, Psychiatry, Social Medicine, Paediatrics, Clinical Epidemiology, Biostatistics and Bioinformatics, and Medical Informatics, and from the Coronel Institute for Occupational Health, collaborate in these studies.